7 Copy Mistakes to Avoid on your Homepage

by | Oct 22, 2021 | Marketing Tips, Uncategorized, Website Tips

You’ve got a beautiful website and you’re in love with the photos and videos and all of the clever animations…but people come and people go.  In technical terms, your bounce rate is high.  People come to your page and they aren’t finding what they are looking for so as quickly as they come, they go.

Bad Copy Might Be Your Problem

Copy, the writing on your page, is a BIG deal and affects the browser experience.  Not only does it affect their experience, but it will affect your conversion rate.  That means, how often does a visitor take a next step after being on your website?  After all, isn’t that what your website is for?  You’re leading them through a “buying” journey.  Their journey starts with a problem and ends in your solution!

How to Write Copy that Lands More Customers

Listen in to this IGTV episode where Jenna and Jamie talk through 7 copy mistakes to avoid on your website.  We also created a simple checklist to download so that you can do a homepage copy audit on your site.

If copy, words, marketing, and websites are not your thing, good news…we know some people who that IS their thing.  US.  Fill out our contact form and let us know what you need.