How to Get More Sales from Your Website

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Website Tips, Marketing Tips

A business’s website goal is to connect a person’s problem or desire with a solution or answer.  If the connection is made and the browser feels understood, they believe you have a solution for them AND they like you and trust you, they’ll move to the next steps…try it or buy it!

So How Do Browsers Become Customers?

One step in the strategy is what we call “Relate at the Gate.”  Listen in as we chat about this principle that you can’t skip in your website OR your marketing materials.


Your Potential Customer Needs to Know You, Like You and Trust You

They will like you and trust you when you are able to empathize and express that you understand exactly what they need, what’s been rolling around in their mind and how you’re different than everyone else that they’ve bought from in this area.  To double check and make sure you’re sending that message, download our free guide with some questions for you to think through and then plug right into your website and marketing!