We’re Hiring! Website Designer & Developer

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Will we be your best fit?

More than your experience and your qualifications, it’s really important to us that we not only find a qualified person, but that we find the RIGHT person. By that, we mean like finding the last puzzle piece. You know, the person that adds to the picture, fills in our gaps and seems to fit right into place. Here’s how we’ll know (and how you can judge and see if you’d like working with us…or LOVE working with us.)

Things You (and WE) Value:

  • INDEPENDENCE + TRUST:  Feel free to set your own hours and take time off when you want. With that said, we have to operate with a HIGH level of trust and our projects are delivered on time and meet or exceed standards each time.
  • GREAT TIME, BUDGET & TASK MANAGEMENT:  Going along with independence and trust, we are all great at managing our time, keeping an eye on budget and task deadlines. We don’t like running so we don’t like chasing you down.  We have a great project management system. You’ll have a clear list of tasks with priority. Your job is follow through.
  • COLLABORATING + TEAMWORK:  Welcome to the “A” Team!  While we all are good at our individual jobs and we all love our work, we highly value the expertise, experience and ideas from the other all-stars we get to work with!  We ask for feedback, brainstorm and collaborate regularly.
  • LEARNING + GROWING: We’re not about that stagnant maintaining life. If we don’t know the answer or know how to do something, we’re all down for figuring it out! We ask questions, seek advice, admit when we just don’t know and then are willing to jump in and learn something new!  Whatever we’ve gotta do to become better and serve our clients well!
  • CREATIVE: If you don’t love to think outside the box, create beautiful things, stand out in design, or solve problems uniquely then our processes and framework will annoy you.
  • PASSIONATE ABOUT OUR WORK + PERSONALLY INVESTED:  We don’t just like website building, marketing and working. We love it. AND, we don’t just love working, we love the people we work for. We’re super into our clients and their businesses. Our lanes are faith-based non-profits, small business and functional medicine. If any of those categories would be hard to be “in to”, we’re not the best fit for you.
  • ATHLETE MINDSET: Excellence, being the best at what we do, refining, using feedback to get better, drive and desire…that’s how we approach our work. If you know right now that the athlete mindset it “too much”, “too intense”, “too passionate”, you won’t love working with us.
  • LOW DRAMA + HARD TO OFFEND:  We assume the best of each other, always honor each other with our words, celebrate our wins together and face the hard convos head on. We just don’t do any form of drama. We fully believe that our teammates are 100% on our side.

Required Skills + Experience:

Now if ALL of that is speaking to you and you feel like you might’ve found your people, then check this skills requirement list to see that you’ve got these non-negotiable skills:

  1. WordPress expert
  2. Divi or Elementor experience
  3. 2-5 years of full-time (or close to it) Website Development and Design experience.  (We just don’t want you to say you’ve built a few websites in the last several years…like we want you to have a portfolio of work.)
  4. Portfolio of work in the above.
  5. Your work is similar to our vibe.  (Check out our portfolio)

Wish List

We don’t want to be too boxed in that we miss someone really good, but we also would LOVE to see these things in someone that we add to our team.

  1. SEO
  2. Writing skills
  3. Graphic Design:  In-Design, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator
  4. Branding
  5. User Experience
  6. Marketing Agency Experience
  7. Experience in Faith-based Non-profits, Small Business, and Functional Medicine (health)
  8. Social Media ads

Application Instructions

If you think that you’re the missing piece for our team, please submit a cover letter, your resume, your Linked-In profile and a link to your portfolio to:

jenna@saltandsageweb.com and jamieb@saltandsageweb.com

Interviews will begin the week of 7/18.  You’ll hear from us shortly!

We look forward to meeting you!